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Part of our primary mission at Savvy Technical Solutions is to empower our clients. We believe that one way we can do that is to provide effective guidance, training, and education about the software and infrastructure solutions they are using. When you engage us with your company, you’re not just getting a solution, you’re getting an explanation of the “why” behind the “what”, and you’re getting trained on your new system.

Additionally, we know that one of the benefits of cloud technology is its rapid release cycle, but we also recognize that this rapid rate of change can cause some confusion within your organization; often times, documentation can’t keep up with the latest and greatest changes that have been rolled in platforms like Azure and Office 365. We’re here to give you the low-down on what’s new as well as a bird’s eye view of the roadmap of what’s to come so you can successfully master your system as well as be prepared for what’s coming next.

On-demand Training

Opsgility LogoSavvy Technical Solutions has created several on-demand training courses through online training company Opsgility. These are comprehensive courses that map to multiple days of in-person instruction. Each course has multiple modules that include online course videos and an accompanying set of lab instructions that can be carried out within your own SharePoint Online tenant. Additionally, once you pay for a membership to Opsgility, you can access their entire library of on-demand courseware for an affordable monthly price.

Take a look at the syllabus for the Introduction to SharePoint Online course as well as the SharePoint Online Administration course.

Instructor-led Training

If you would like someone to deliver in-person training to your organization, feel free to contact us and let us know what kind of training you would like. We are happy to deliver our Introduction to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Online Administration courses at your place of business or virtually, or to custom-build instructional material for you.

Community Training

Savvy Technical Solutions experts also regularly present at local and national user groups and conferences. Many of these conferences are free to the public. To learn more about where we’ll be next, take a look at our Events page.