I saw a blog entry on CNN.com that asked the question “‘What is Web 3.0’ and Should You Care?” According to one person the blogger talked to, Web 3.0 already happened because we are in the 3rd decade of the Internet. However, I think there probably are some things we can look forward to in the coming era of the Internet. Some ideas that people who commented on the blog post had:

  • Web applications will be more tied to mobile phones.
  • Paid services such as “Office Online” mean we will buy less and less “shrink wrapped” products we install on our own computer. Instead, we’ll do our computing “in the cloud”.
  • Search engines will be able to infer the results we’re looking for in a more advanced way than using “Keyword searches” and the like; instead, they’ll be more semantically advanced.
  • Some say the “social networking” (oh, how I hate that over-used and tired buzzword, but I digress…) will be taken to another level in Web 3.0, while others see its popularity as a somewhat passing trend of Web 2.0.

What about you? What do you think will make up Web 3.0? I’d love to hear your thoughts.