As I mentioned in a previous post, I just purchased a new HP ENVY laptop that has 8 GB of RAM and 4 processors. The only reason I bought a new laptop was that I wanted more RAM to run my virtual development environment.

I started getting a nasty error that popped up from my VM Workstation, when I was running my virtual machine:

Operation on file "[My VM Disk Name].vmdk" failed.

If the file resides on a remote file system, please make
sure your network connection and the server where this
disk resides are functioning properly. If the file resides
on a removeable media, reattach the media.
Choose Retry to attempt the operation again.
Choose Abort to terminate this session.
Choose Continue to forward the error to the guest
operating system.

This was a very scary message. It sure sounded like I had an inconsistent disk. When working with VMWare snapshots, repairing a disk is not necessarily an easy process.  I decided to give up and try building a new VM from scratch, since it seemed like perhaps I had an inconsistent disk. However, just installing the OS from scratch produced the same error! Although I have a new laptop and ergo a new disk, I decided to run a check disk on my hard drive anyhow. Surprise surprise, no errors.

As for my next step, I took a look at the VM log file. I saw this error:

Insufficient quota to complete the requested service.
Operation on file [My disk file name] failed.

The error message is misleading. It turns out it wasn’t a disk consistency issue as the error implies. Instead, this is due to insufficient memory. Once I kicked my memory down to about 3.0 GB for my VM, it operated correctly.
VMWare Memory Allocation

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