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I was a fan of Office Mix and even did an Office Mix presentation for SharePoint Saturday St. Louis several years ago. At one time I viewed Office Mix as a kind of “Camtasia killer” application, because it allowed you to:

  • Record voice over your PowerPoint
  • Allowed markup (i.e. handwriting) over your PowerPoint
  • Allowed you to create quizzes and the like connected with your PowerPoint
  • Provided basic analytics of the viewing of your PowerPoint

While all these features were good, they’ve all been incorporated in separate products now, (now part of Office 365), and as such, Office Mix in its current form is being retired. (It’s technically been in beta for years on end and never actually made it to release.) As a replacement:

  • Rather than having to download a separate plug-in to PowerPoint, recording voice with a PowerPoint will be able to take place directly from the “Recoding” tab in the ribbon.
  • You will be able to upload your recordings directly to the video service Microsoft Stream. (Please note, it is possible to use Microsoft Stream without an Office 365 subscription, although Stream is included with most O365 subscriptions.)
  • In the future, quizzes will be incorporated into Stream videos using Microsoft Forms.

To learn more, read Microsoft’s help article here.

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