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The most successful clients I have understand that Microsoft 365 is not just a suite of products, but is a whole platform for achieving success throughout their organization. An example of this is when you use Office 365 to communicate and collaborate on requirements and deliverables with contractors outside your organization. By leveraging Office 365 groups which contain both internal employees and external contractors, everyone can now communicate together using Teams and store and access information in SharePoint.

Microsoft has just come out with a Freelance Toolkit that shows you how your organization can effectively communicate and work with freelancers successfully. As the “gig economy” takes off, and more and more folks are able to take on small projects outside of normal work hours — or even making a full time job out of “gigs” — companies are discovering that working with a freelancer is an effectively way to get bite-sized tasks accomplished without the need for huge contracts or banking infrastructure to be put in place with vendors, since the job platform takes care of those. The toolkit shows how you can effectively combine tools like Teams, SharePoint, PowerBI, and Flow together to facilitate communication as a team, both internally and externally. (As a note, the toolkit is really more a roadmap of how you might go about setting up the pieces you need, but it’s not some out of the box solution. It gives you ideas about how you can manage the process, but it’s up to you to implement it in your organization.) What I like about the toolkit is that’s a great sample of how you can piece together products within the Microsoft productivity platform to build a comprehensive solution.

To learn more about the toolkit, read the announcement: Introducing Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit—a solution to launch and scale your freelance workforce

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