I just received my copy of SharePoint 2007 Disaster Recovery Guide by John Ferringer and Sean McDonough in the mail yesterday and I’ve already plowed through about 100 pages.

I noticed that the publisher of the book focuses on publishing training materials, and in that same vein, the authors take the reader step by step through various back-up and restore processes, including providing screen shots of “click on this link”, then “click on that link”. This book is not a “Wrox Professional” kind of book, in the sense that it doesn’t assume the reader has vast amounts of SharePoint knowledge prior to reading the book. Neither is it a general “SharePoint administration” type book; it stays true to its title and does not deviate from the stated topic of disaster recovery.

I think this book would be a very helpful resource for an IT person who is new to SharePoint and has been given the very specific task of creating a disaster recovery strategy. Plus, for a person like me, who usually gravitates toward custom development and away from the networking and infrastructure side of things, it’s proving to be a valuable resource for helping me understand the various disaster recovery options available for a SharePoint installation.