Back in 2009, Global 360 and KnowledgeLake teamed up to generate a report of the top 50 influencers in the SharePoint sphere, using the company Influencer50, who does this kind of report across industries. I was honored to be named among the 50 top influencers for SharePoint. This year, KnowledgeLake commissioned the study again, and once again I’ve been honored to by named among the top 50. You can download the full report from the KnowledgeLake Web site. I believe I was chosen to this list because of my public involvement in the SharePoint community, including involvement in SharePoint Saturday events around the county, and because as the owner of an independent company, I do my best to make independent judgements about SharePooint products, and SharePoint itself. Although I feel like I know at least 100 other people (at least) who deserve to be on the influencer list, I’m grateful that I was chosen and will strive to continue to be a positive voice for developers and small business owners¬†in the SharePoint community.