Microsoft was gracious enough to give the St. Louis SharePoint User Group a $500 voucher for any project we wanted. We chose to give the money to a teacher looking to buy graphing calculators for his students in the college prep academy at Jennings Senior High School. However, his project will expire and the money will not be used for that cause if he doesn’t fund his project by December 8.

If you’ve heard of the unrest that happened in St. Louis after the death of Michael Brown, or if you’ve heard of the riots in Ferguson, MO, please understand that Jennings is a neighboring city and one of the poorest districts in the state. If you feel helpless to help the situation in St. Louis, this is a very practical way you can help college-bound kids get the tools they need to exit the cycle of poverty that so many of the kids in that district find themselves in.

Please give your small donation now!