Announcing today, my latest on-demand course, SharePoint for End Users, is now available at This is a very basic, 2 module course for end users who want to learn how to use SharePoint Online using the Modern interface.

Module 1 covers basics such as:

  • How to create a SharePoint Site and what the difference is between a Team Site and a Communication Site
  • How to create, edit, and delete items in a list or documents in a library
  • How to work with Office Online
  • How to share documents
  • How to use OneDrive
  • How to synchronize files from OneDrive or SharePoint to your desktop

Module 2 covers basic site owner operations such as:

  • Editing a page using the latest page layout features
  • Adding and configuring some of the most common web parts on a modern page
  • Creating and publishing a news story
  • Sharing a site so users have read or edit access to the site

Each video is a little over an hour. This should be a small enough block of time that you or your users can watch it over a lunch break or while on the treadmill at the gym, but packed with the essentials you need to work with SharePoint Online and the modern user interface. is an on-demand learning platform run by training company Opsgility. For those interested in the course, there are several pricing models:

  • Sign up for a monthly subscription for yourself as an individual or for your whole team. There are various subscription levels.
  • You can also buy learning credits and use them to purchase one course at a time, a la carte, without a subscription.

To learn more about pricing, visit

I have also published two other courses available on Introduction to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Online Administration. While these courses are slightly older, both courses provided detailed and in-depth modules that will give you a wide overview of the SharePoint Online platform as a whole.

If you would like this or other instructor-led Microsoft training, please contact us.