This was my first year of being an MVP and my first year to attend the MVP summit in Redmond. I had a wonderful time meeting other SharePoint MVP’s for the first time.<

Steven's PassOn Monday, 19 of us headed to Steven’s Pass to go skiing. (I guess the usual paintball experience was nixed this year because of the cold weather.) I had only gone skiing once, and that was 15 years ago, so I decided to bite the bullet and go. I took a beginner class with another intrepid MVP, Woody Windischman. As someone with an intense disdain for snow, I had a remarkably good time.
MVP Summit '10 Product Team Q and AOn day 2, we had the opportunity to listen to members of the SharePoint product team talk about the new features of SharePoint 2010. Here, members of the product team answer questions during an “Ask the Experts” session.
MVP Summit '10 PostIt BoardOn day 3, we broke into different smaller groups to talk about specific subjects. I joined a group that talked about the features of SharePoint for the Internet. We did some brainstorming about ideas for vNext. You can see our ideas written out on sticky notes and categorized on the white board.
Randy Drisgill, Ben Robb, and Waldek Mastykarz joined in the discussion.
MVP Summit '10 Board Room MVP Summit '10 Discussion

As a side note, one of the cool things about the Microsoft campus is that every conference room has a touch screen next to the room. This allows you to see, real-time, when the room has been booked, and by whom. In addition, because the screen is a touch screen, you can schedule the room at the touch of a button. This is so much easier than having to coordinate a paper sign up sheet taped to a door with an Outlook calendar!

I really appreciated the Microsoft product team taking the time to listen to us MVPs. Maybe one day I can be in an ad saying “SharePoint was my idea!”

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