Often times, companies and organizations want to have a “master” calendar which shows all the important events for a given timeframe. Some of these events might originate from other calendars. For instance, the Human Resources department might have calendar entries for events such as enrollment periods for health insurance. Someone from the HR department might want to add a date to their local HR calendar on their local HR departmental site in SharePoint, and have this event show up on the master calendar so everyone in the company can see it. However, the HR department might also have a chili cook-off on Friday and it might be nice to put that on their local HR subsite calendar, too. However, that event should not be displayed on the master calendar, since it’s only pertitent to those folks in HR. It’s easy to accomplish this functionality in SharePoint.

  1. First, create both calendars: your Master calendar and your Child calendar.
  2. In your Child calendar, add a new column to your Event content type that is of type Yes/No. Call the column something like “Show on Master”.
  3. Next, create a new view on your Child list called Master Calendar View. Base that view on the Calendar View. Use the default settings, except add a filter that says Show on Master equals Yes. Save your view.
  4. Now, go to your Master calendar and click on the Calendars Overlay button on the Calendar tab.
  5. Click on the New Calendar button.
  6. Give the calendar the name that you want to show up for users on the Master calendar. Type in the URL of the subsite to which your Child calendar belongs. Select the Child calendar in the List drop down menu, and select Master Calendar View in the List View dropdown menu. Save your changes.

Your Master calendar will now show an overlay of your Child calendar, but it will only display those events where the Show on Mater checkbox was checked.​

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